Do you know that too? You secretely have a dream and hardly dare to tell anyone about it, because you’re worried about not being taken seriously? That’s how we felt! Completely independent and without any financial support, we started our own label and started working on our dream. Driven solely by our love to the street scene and our love for streetwear. For as long as we can remember, hip hop and streetwear have shaped our lives so it was more than just a desire to contribute our part to the community. We have put an incredible amount of time, money and heart and soul into this label. We put all our energy into doing our own thing, not listening to all the voices constantly trying to talk us out of it. That alone was reason enough for us to just keep going. With all the ups and downs.

As the saying goes, we did everything by ourselves started from scratch. Starting with this website. And yes it drove us insane! It drove us crazy because it was incredibly complex to set up our own web shop. Starting from an interface that is intuitive to use, to aesthetic things like the logo should be transparent at the top of certain pages. We don’t even need to talk about the merchandise management system with inventory levels and so on.

We searched for month to find blanks we liked and it took us a couple of more months to buy all the necessary equipment.
And now here we are today. Half an eternity later we have all the licenses and patents in our hands. Starting with embroidery machines that were as expensive as small cars, to whiteton printers that were just as expensive. After countless printing attempts, we are more than proud to be able to present you our very own collection. A collection that we celebrate ourselves, as the path was paved with countless obstacles.

But in the end, only the result counts. And here we have finally arrived. We really appreciate your support! Thank you so much for celebrating our clothes as much as we do!

Simply because:


DINHASTY CLOTHING ® and DGOD ® are registered trademarks which we are entitled to call our property.

Completely independent and without investors!

We would like to thank all our friends and supporters who believed in us from day 1 and even wanted to wear our clothes pre-release and even promoted us constantly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Special thanks to:

Pascal S, Iron S, Minh-Hai N, Me Chi, David H, Viet D, Huyen L, Mario M, Volkan A, Sedef A, Engin K, Quyen H and Garage Krefeld DMN.




Phong Dinh

“A vision without action is just a dream.”

Pascal Schulzke

“Make it two!”

Sandra Dinh

“Can´t reach it, don´t need it.”